Some experience recommended  | Ages 7-16
Small Groups | Very limited spots | Flexible options

Help your player feel more confident and score more goals

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Shooting & Finishing Skills Camps






Shooting and Finishing Camp: (2 Options)
December 20th-22nd | 27th-29th
3 Sessions | Ages 8-16 | Just $129

Wed-Fri 4:00p-5:30p 

Power Ranch Soccer Fields, Gilbert, AZ

Extremely Limited Spots!

Goalkeeper Training






Goalkeeper Camp: (2 Options)
December 20th-22nd | 27th-29th
3 Sessions | Ages 8-16 | Just $129

Wed-Fri 4:00p-5:30p 

Power Ranch Soccer Fields, Gilbert, AZ

Extremely Limited Spots!

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About this event

Help your player score more goals in games

In this camp, players will get the technical soccer skills to boost their confidence on the ball.

The training method as described below will help players to improve the technical, tactical and spatial skills that lead to better goal scoring in soccer. 

Players will train in small controlled groups. Extremely limited spots.

What the players will learn:

Players will learn all of the different ways that goal scoring chances are created and improve their confidence to see those opportunities and be more effective in front of the opponents goal.

This is a special skills camp for players 7-16. Some experience in the game of soccer is recommended but not required.

3 Phases of Learning
Phase 1 - Touch, technique and body control - dead ball shooting.

Phase 2 - Dribbling to find space to shoot - shooting on the move

Phase 3 - Clinical finishing with 1 and 2 touch- Crosses, Volleys, and Headers (for age-appropriate players )

This is a special skills camp and spots are very limited.

Goalkeeper Training

Help your keeper be a wall in the net and dominate the goal box.

The soccer goalkeeper is one of the most important players on the field - they are the last line of defense and the first line of attack. To play the position well requires special skills and training.

Goalkeeping represents a specialized array of skill sets that include abilities in ball handling (i.e. using the hands to catch, punch, or deflect the ball), diving, throwing, receiving, kicking, foot movement, and agility.

In this highly requested special training program, keepers will work in small groups following a personalized training program that will help boost the confidence of Goalkeepers of all levels.

Skills Covered

Ball Control, Dribbling, Receiving, and Shooting. Training sessions will include 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 game training. Special Skills include Shooting and Finishing.

Age Groups

Groups for players ages 8-16 all skills levels.

Camp Options

Choose from 4+ sessions.
Get 10% Off each additional family members.


Convenient locations in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa and Queen Creek.


(480) 447-7154
[email protected]

camp Director

coach rizzo

On behalf of all of our amazing skills trainers, I am excited for another great camp with all of our soccer families.

Hear from happy soccer parents:


"Extremely happy we landed Arizona Soccer Skills Academy. I believe this type of environment helps kids develop their soccer skills with confidence. Coach Rizzo is excellent at communicating and very approachable"

Stacey L.

"Experienced Team"

We love Arizona Soccer Skills Academy! Coach Rizzo really understands the game and where kids are in their athletic experience and skill by age. His team of trainers designs impactful exercises, drills, and scrimmages to support their growth.

Janelle J.


I have sent my daughter to two different training camps with Arizona Soccer Skills Academy and she loved it! The coaches are knowledgeable and want the best for all the kids. They make them work hard but keep things fun. I highly recommend Arizona Soccer Skills Academy for all your soccer needs!

Rachel N.


"Coach Rizzo is awesome. He understands what each player needs and where they need to be placed. This is an amazing program. My son’s soccer IQ has gone up 20 fold since he started and his in season play has drastically improved do to this."

Coach David H.

"Pushed to better than good"

"Coach Nicole was an amazing trainer. Her knowledge of the game and her ability to teach it was great. Of all the trainers Madison did have she was the one person who pushed her to be better than just good."

Coach Randy O.

"Lalalove the coaches"

"Lalalove the coaches my daughter received and Coach Rizzo who runs the summer camp. Very happy with all 3 and grateful for the positivity and encouraging all the children to have fun while playing soccer!!! "

Jessica H.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellation Policy and No-Shows

Because we rent the facilities, we pre-purchase our rentals based on enrollment. If you have to cancel, for any reason, you can receive a camp voucher worth all camp fees paid. You can use this voucher for any other available camps and programs. Cancellations must be made 7 days prior to the beginning of camp to be eligible for a voucher. Be aware, if you cancel, we cannot refund your credit card and can only offer you the opportunity to use all your monies for any other available camps. Refunds or credits will not be given for “no-shows” or for those who leave camp early for any reason.

How are players grouped?

The players are grouped according to age first then ability (if enough participants in the age group to create multiple different group level). When the students first arrive at camp, they are placed into a group consisting of other students of the same age within the program. From there the staff evaluates the ability level of each individual over the first 2 training sessions and adjusts the groups according to ability.

What if we can't attend all the sessions?

This skills program teaches players specific techniques for ball control, footwork, and creative play. If your child misses a session, our trainers will work to make sure the player is caught up and learns the technique/topic for that particular week. Credit can be given for more than 3 misses sessions to make the sessions at a later date.

Can students show up late for camp?

The beginning of each camp is very important. Campers go through registration, meet the staff, and conduct the general camp orientation; all that before they even step on the field for the first session. **The first two training sessions also serve as ability evaluations and determine grouping for the rest of the program.** However, if a student will not be able to make the beginning of camp, please email us ahead of time to let us know that he will be late. There are no refunds or partial refunds for late arrival to any camp

Refund Policy

Because we rent the facilities (and our camps often sell out) we pre-purchase our rentals based on enrollment. Refunds are not given (except in very unique circumstances and by approval of the director). If you have to cancel, for any reason, you can receive a camp voucher worth all camp fees paid. You can use this voucher for any other available camps and programs. Vouchers never expire.

What if my child is not happy with their group?

Our camps are unique in that we follow a specific training plan that helps each player get the most out of their experience.  Our trainers and director may identify an opportunity for your child to be challenged and move them into another group where they may not be comfortable. 

Your child may be uncomfortable with their group, but we believe they can power through and find the lesson for growth as a player and a person!  We want your player to have fun and boost their confidence through our camps!

Are there prorated fees?

Our camps are designed to help players improve their soccer skills and have a great social experience. For that reason we discourage drop-ins or pro-rated fees for our camps. Due to the facility costs, there are no pro-rate options, however, if you miss more than 3 days, and notify us ahead of time, you will receive a credit voucher at the end of the camp of $50 to apply to any other camp or private training.

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