Community Tournament

Saturday May 25th, 2024

Calling all coaches and parents! Bring your team or register your player as a free agent. Join the fun!
Open to all players. No affiliation or player passes required.

Team coaches should fill out interest forms NOW. Team Payment is not required until roster is completed.

Saturday May 25th, 2024
Just $330 / TEAM |  4 Game Guarantee

Save $50 by registering your team early

This is a non-sanctioned tournament and accepts all teams, which include: club, intraclub, schools, tournament teams or even just a group of friends who want to play. Matches will be officiated by certified refs and academy staff. 

This tournament is hosted by Arizona Soccer Skills Academy and run by 5v5 Soccer (national organizer).
You will need to sign up your team at the 5v5 soccer website here.


Top 3 Teams in each division earn medals. 

1 Day of Play Tournament

Teams play minimum 4 games in round robin format in just one day.

Qualify for Nationals

Top teams can qualify for the national championship in Florida hosted by 5v5 Soccer.

5v5 Tournament Rules

4v4 + GK

4 Field Players plus a Goalkeeper.
Max Roster size of 10 players.

25 min Games

Teams play minimum 4 games in round robin format in just one day.

Small Fields 30yd x 40yd

30 x 40 yd fields with 6ft x 12ft Goals

Youth and Adult Divisions

2017-2009 Boys and Girls Youth Divisions, Boys and Girls High School Division, Adult Open.

Event Details:

Age Groups

5v5 [4 Plus a GK] Open to all teams U7 to Adults. Youth and Adult Divisions.

2017-2009 Boys and Girls Youth Divisions, Boys and Girls High School Division, Adult Open.

Groups will be combined +/- 1 year and similar ability level. Each age group includes three choices for Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice.

Team Fees:

Bring your team with max roster of 10 for $330 Per Team 
[$330 early, $380 regular and $430 late]

If you would like to sign up your player as a FREE AGENT they can be assigned to a team: $45 per free agent player


(480) 447-7154
[email protected]


I am excited to share this special event with all of our amazing soccer families!


Power Ranch Soccer Fields
4546 E Haven Crest Dr.
Gilbert, Arizona

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New Coach? Get the 5v5 soccer tournament resource guide.

If you are a parent, recreational, school, or competitive coach and this is your first 5v5 tournament experience we have you covered!

Registered Officials Needed

Calling all registered soccer referees! We need your expertise and passion for the beautiful game to make our upcoming 5v5 soccer tournament a huge success. Join us for an action-packed day of fast-paced, thrilling soccer.

We offer competitive compensation, a great atmosphere, and a chance to be part of a dynamic soccer community.

Register now and be a part of the 5v5 soccer tournament that everyone will be talking about. Your expertise is vital, and your passion for the game is what makes it all possible. Don't miss out on this opportunity to shine on the pitch! Join us and help us create a memorable soccer experience for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Parent-Led" Registration?

This 5v5 tournament is open to players and teams of all levels and affiliations. 

1. If you are a coach you can sign up your team. (10 Max)

2. If you are a parent who wants to coach you can sign up your team. (10 Max)

3. If you are a parent who does not want to coach you can sign up your player as a free agent and they will be placed on a team.

Does my player need a player pass?

No, each player will need only to present proof of age to participate.

Cancellation Policy and No-Shows

Because we rent the facilities, we pre-purchase our rentals based on enrollment. If you have to cancel, for any reason, you can receive a camp voucher worth all camp fees paid. You can use this voucher for any other available camps and programs. Cancellations must be made 7 days prior to the beginning of camp to be eligible for a voucher. Be aware, if you cancel, we cannot refund your credit card and can only offer you the opportunity to use all your monies for any other available camps. Refunds or credits will not be given for “no-shows” or for those who leave camp early for any reason.

How are players grouped for the divisions*?

5v5 Soccer believes teams should be combined based on skill level and not just age. Each age group includes three choices for Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice. The top club/travel teams should select Advanced, and rec/low level should select Novice. Everyone else would fall in to the Intermediate category. You can also think of these as Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
For example: if the oldest player on your team was born on 9/1/2012, the team would register for the “2012” division. In bracketing, we may pair a 2012 Advanced team with a 2011 Intermediate team for competitive matches.

If your team has mixed ages, or mostly younger players, and you'd like us to consider that when bracketing, please leave a special note in the comments section.

Teams that play in the more competitive division for their age group will receive a 60 point “play up” bonus in the National Rankings, plus an additional 5 points for each “older” team they play against.

As each 5v5 Soccer Tournament is a different mix of ages and skill levels, all division placements will be reviewed by the tournament director and teams may, at the sole discretion of the tournament director, be moved up or down to form the most competitive brackets possible.


5v5 Soccer accepts male and female teams ages U6 to Adult. 5v5 Soccer uses Calendar Year age divisions. Teams should register based upon the birth year of their oldest player. High School division should be chosen for teams ages Freshman – Seniors, with any special notes going in the comments section. Adult divisions are for teams with players 19 and above. Co-ed teams are accepted in our events but may have to play in the all-male age division

Refund Policy

Because we rent the facilities (and our camps often sell out) we pre-purchase our rentals based on enrollment. Refunds are NOT given (except in very unique circumstances and by approval of the director). If you have to cancel, for any reason, you can receive a voucher worth all fees paid. You can use this voucher for any other available camps and programs. Vouchers never expire.

What if my child is not happy with their team?

Our trainers and director may identify an opportunity for your child to be challenged and move them into another group where they may not be comfortable. 

Your child may be uncomfortable with their group, but we believe they can power through and find the lesson for growth as a player and a person!  We want your player to have fun and boost their confidence through our camps!

Are there prorated fees?

Our camps are designed to help players improve their soccer skills and have a great social experience. For that reason we discourage drop-ins or pro-rated fees for our camps. Due to the facility costs, there are no pro-rate options, however, if you miss more than 3 days, and notify us ahead of time, you will receive a credit voucher at the end of the camp of $50 to apply to any other camp or private training.

How many players can we carry on a roster?

Each team is allowed 10 players Max. However we recommend a roster size of 8 which allows 3 subs in order to maximize playing time.

What About Uniforms?

If your team has uniforms, players will wear them. Please bring a home and away kit of different colors. If your player is a Free Agent they will wear the purchased Jersey as indicated during registration.